Finding The Perfect Fit

From our personal experience it can be a challenging trying to find the right size or fit for you. So, we're creating a space where real people talk about the differences between brands, size, cut, materials and more.

  • Fit

    When it comes to football shirts the fit you pick can make all the difference. Most come in two styles:

    Straight fit, stereotypically called men's fit, is loose fitting creating a casual and comfortable look.

    Curved fit, stereotypically called women's fit, hugs the waist and hips creating a more fitted look.

  • Material

    There is a notable difference between the fabrics of football shirts. If you have two shirts made by different brands, take a minute to feel the differences between them and note your preference.

  • Brand

    Nike, Adidas, Puma, they brands approach their design of football shirts in different ways. You will find differences in texture, size, style and more between brands.

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Size stories

Interested in sharing your size story?

At Foudys we want to hear your experiences with sizing so that the women's football community can help eachother find their fit. If you would like the chance to share your story get in touch.